Now we are mostly at home, with our kids, we have enough time to relax together.

Would you like to colour?

This is a perfect challenge.

Colouring 3D cubes.

A lot to colour, special by complex variant.

It takes time but it is relaxing. You don`t have to finish your work in one day.

Ones you are done with colouring, you can make a window sticker out of the 3D cubes.

But with the same technique you can also make window stickers out of all of your drawings.

Let your child decide.

But if you choose 3D cubes, simpler of complex variant it is up to you, but both of them, you can download here.


As you can see, the blog is in German. No problem, you are gonna be able to find the 3D cubes drawing on the bottom of the page. There is also PDF of 3D cubes to download for free.

Click on the picture and that`s it. Mostly you can find it on downloads. 

Print it and begin with colouring.

Now, it is up to you will you use pencils, markers of both of them and what for design you will give for your cubes.

Once we are done, we will cut it out.

 To make window sticker we need a little bit of oil, soft brush and piece of carton.

Carton we will use like a pad (mat). 

Turn the drawing on the carton and begin softly with brushing, from inside of your drawing to outside.

Let it completely dry.



Inside and outside. 

The Easter bunny is a bought window sticker. 

Once its done you can place it on a window, on the frige, on the tile, on the door of your room


once its downloaded you can print it and colour it so many times you want.

If you like it, you can draw something else or print it, colour it, then cut it, oil it and let it dry.

 Make your own collection of them.

I wish you a relaxing and colourful colouring!