Fruity yogurt small hats


I was looking for some healthy treats for school.

There are a lot of ideas to find on Internet.

We have decided to make this fruity yogurts small hats for Anja`s 7th birthday at school.

I found ``how to make`` on Internet, by gezonde -

Here is the link:

So, healthy treats. ;-)

Thanks for this idea, we love it!

Because the text is in Dutch, my short blog about fruity yogurt small hats could be usefull if you decide to make them too.


What you need to make the small hats:

 - fruity yogurts

 - colored cardboard

 - ribbon(s)

 - scotch tape ( not necessary in my case, I measure)


What you need to do:

- Cut a circle out of cardboard. (First draw the circles.)

Because I measure, I need more usefull tools but all the circles are correct size and fit around the yogurt through without using of scotch tape.

Diameter of the small circle is 5,2 mm; diameter of the big one 10,4 mm.

- Cut a circle so that the hole in the yogurt therethrough fit over. (My advice: First cut the small circle.)

- Decorate the cardboard circle with a different color (not necessary if the ribbon looks cheerful).

- Insert the yogurt through the circle and stick it with scotch tape (not necessary if you measure).

- A ribbon bow to the yoghurt.


So, bow the ribbons to the yogurts and you are finished.

You can also let your child to signature every of them or just like me, print it and glue it anywhere you want.

Put them in a basket and you are ready to give the treats.


Have a fun time!



Happy birthday, Anja! Mom loves you!