It`s Good Friday today!

Let`s decorate Easter eggs!

I choose for decoupage technique.
It`s popular, easy, not so demanding technique.

Even kids can do that!

What do we need and how to do that?



1) Hard cooked white eggs.

2) Napkins with Easter or/and flowers motif, napkins with motives which you like and want for decorating your Easter eggs.

3) Soft brush (small)

4) Whipped egg white

5) A little bit of oil for shining.


  How to do it?

The eggs should be cooled.

Cut motives out the napkins you choose. We only need the first layer.


We will use whipped egg white like a glue and here we will use small soft brush.

(This technique can be used also with objects, like boxes, but we need to use real glue.)

 So, put a little bit of egg white on the egg with the brush. 

Then put your motif and begin with smoothly brushing, from inside to outside of motif.

Everywhere you want on the egg you can put your piece of napkin.

Do the next one and so on.

Let them dry.

Once the eggs are completely dry, brush your egg with oil for extra shine and let them dry again.

We are done.

Happy Easter everyone!

Let's spend it in health and joy with our loved ones.