Cupcakes decorations

11/06/2016 12:42


I was thinking to make cupcakes today.

It is Saturday, no hurry, not so much busy, so we can also decorate them nice.

I found on Pinterest and Facebook some interesting tutorials how to make some decorations, not so difficult, so kids can make them too and which I would like to share with you.

But always the question, fondant or marzipan?

We know that fondant works finer, but marzipan is for most people more delicious.

Are you going always for the taste?

How ever, these decorations can you make of both of them.

Even of clay, actually play-doh.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse are worldwide famous caracters from cartoons. You can find them on shirts, on glasses and mugs, everywhere so also on cupcakes. Here is the photo tutorial - how to make Minnie Mouse of fondant or marzipan. Once you know to make Minnie, it is so easy to make Mickey.


Most of people likes Lego. Which not, most of them hate it. But we like.

Here is the photo tutorial - how to make Legos (Lego blocks) of fondant or marzipan.

You can also use them like decoration for cakes.


The next photo tutorial is how to make edible, fondant rainbow cups.

It seems difficult but it is not.

Even childeren can make them.


Share the ideas and tutorials because even if it looks like that we can not make it, we can, step by step and it`s done.

Enjoy to make your cupcakes decorations!